Robert Bizzoni

Agent - M08001265

Independently managing our own mortgage origination business. Valerie and I are responsible for marketing and branding. We also underwrite and package mortgage applications, as well as ensure funding and on-going service. We provide a full service experience for our applicants. From application to funding and beyond. We enjoy a highly successful track record which speaks for itself.

With over 25 years combined experience, we have consistently delivered exceptional mortgage financing services and many ecstatic clients.

Our services range from mortgage financing for purchases, refinances, debt consolidation, investment homes, commercial properties, self-employed borrowers, vacation homes, ...there is no shortage of products.

Robert has spent many years at the management level within the financial services sector - and lead a mortgage team for a large financial institution.

Our focus is on the self employed and equity type of lending. We also focus on small commercial lending as well as assisting very busy fully qualified applicants who don't have time to take out of their busy schedules to apply for a mortgage on their own.

Specialties: Self employed applicants, equity lending, smaller commercial deals, busy professional type applicants who don't have time to apply on their own.

Languages (english, italian) customer service


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